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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Katniss Everdeen: "Any last advice?"

Key Credits

  • RELEASED: 2013
  • STUDIO: Lionsgate
  • DIRECTOR: Francis Lawrence
  • PRODUCERS: Nina Jacobson, Jon Kilik
  • VFX SUPERVISOR: Janek Sirrs
  • VFX PRODUCER: Mitchell Ferm
  • VFX SUPERVISOR: Paul Butterworth
  • VFX PRODUCER: Jason Bath

Animal Logic VFX was thrilled to be part of the much-anticipated next chapter in THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy, CATCHING FIRE.

With the victors of previous Hunger Games being sent back into the arena for a 'best of' fight to the death, the Tribute's Training Centre is as much a showcase of lethal talent as it is a place to prepare for the game.


Animal Logic VFX's main body of visual effects work centred around Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) demonstrating her deadly accuracy with a bow and arrow, against a dozen holographic attackers inside the Archery Station.

The brief was to create a holographic target that had a humanoid form, and moved with the physics of a human but had a stylised look.  To ground the effect in some form of 'possible science', VFX supervisor Janek Sirrs wanted the holograms to be formed at the intersection of a number of light beams that would be projected into the archery arena. 



Having the beams attached to swivelling projector heads allowed for the holographic targets to appear at any location within the archery arena, and create confusion for Katniss about where the next target may appear.  Animal Logic VFX's art department undertook the process to arrive at an approved design of the holographic target, which was then built in 3D for motion tests to begin. The motion tests looked at how the hologram would shatter apart when hit, as well as accurately conveying human motion.




To complete the scene, Animal Logic VFX also designed and created a CG set extension of the Archery Station to bring what was a simple carpark location in our world, into the world of The Hunger Games.