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The Spirit

The Spirit: "Somebody get me a tie! I don't care what kind, it sure as hell better be red"!

Key Credits

  • RELEASED: 2008
  • CLIENT: The Orphanage
  • DIRECTOR: Frank Miller
  • PRODUCER: Deborah Del PretePRODUCTION COMPANY: OddLot Entertainment
  • VFX SUPERVISOR: Stu Maschwitz
  • VFX PRODUCER: Nancy St John
  • VFX SUPERVISOR: Dave Morley
  • VFX PRODUCER: Jason Bath

The Spirit is a visually striking action-adventure-romance directed by Frank Miller, the acclaimed creator of the graphic and gritty ’300′ and co-director of ‘Sin City’.

As per those films, The Spirit is a ‘green-screen production’ that was filmed entirely on a green screen stage with minimal props and sets.


The visual effects were produced by The Orphanage under VFX Supervisor Stu Maschwitz, who worked carefully with Frank and DOP Bill Pope, to plan how each shot would be achieved.


Fuel VFX was the lead visual effects vendor on the project for The Orphanage, completing just over 300 shots for the film, with Fuel VFX supervisor Dave Morley assisting Stu to establish a number of key looks, including the derelict ‘Projects’ landscape for the film’s finale.