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Matte Painting Lead
- Super Pets

Are you a Matte Painting Lead interested in working with us in our Vancouver studio?! The Matte Paint Lead will work closely with the Production Designer and Art Director, and help guide the Matte Painting Team to create believable environments and stylized 2D and 3D matte paintings for a feature animation film.

What you’ll get to do:

  • Understand the overall brief and goals of a project and communicates this clearly to each member of the team
  • Lead a team under guidance from CG Supervisor and production team; mentor less experienced digital artists
  • Prioritize and break down a project into organized parts; delegate work responsibly to ensure successful completion of shots across team members of all skill levels
  • Create digital matte paintings that may be from scratch or from sampled sources or any other artwork necessary to create new objects or to match the surfaces of existing plates
  • Perform tasks related to integrating imagery into shots, preserving a unified sense of lighting, perspective, and colour
  • Understand the animation process, including projection techniques, modelling and texturing
  • Work in partnership with Lighting and Compositing to achieve the highest outcomes
  • Drive team reviews and offer creative/technical feedback on reviewed shots
  • Support open communication between departments
  • Ensure conflict is identified early and work with Artist Management to put constructive solutions in place to resolve/diffuse
  • Communicate production information to both the artists group and Production Management
  • Continue to actively develop relevant knowledge, techniques and skills including knowledge of technical processes in CGI, Animation and Compositing
  • Document new techniques and distribute updates
  • Participate in brainstorming and problem solving to create and maintain production pipeline(s) and support AL’s overall technical goals as required
  • Work with the CG Supervisor and the production team to prepare bids and pitches as required
  • Participate in the recruiting and interview process for new employees as required
  • Assist Production Management in preparation of final show reports as required

What you bring:

  • 7 + years’ experience in the film, animated feature and/or television industry and digital matte painting production
  • Proven leadership experience within feature animation or VFX
  • Proficiency demonstrated through past project work and/or reel/portfolio
  • High level of expertise in producing artwork for large screen format
  • Expert knowledge of perspective, lighting, and colour
  • A high proficiency in Photoshop, Nuke and Maya is required for both projection setups and image creation
  • Thorough understanding of Photoshop file and colour management, be it file format, bit depth resolution or appropriate layering of elements
  • Other software skills that would be an advantage would include Mari, Zbrush and Vue
  • Tool building and scripting (Python) knowledge is an asset
  • Proven experience of disseminating a brief to allow for the production of complex matte painted elements at a high standard
  • A strong knowledge of photography and camera focal lengths with a good sense of composition
  • The ability to produce concept art that conveys the style, lighting and character of the brief would be an advantage
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback to team members, working together to pass on knowledge and disseminate information
  • Excellence in problem solving and balancing quick turnaround with long term quality
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to efficiently organise and prioritise work across multiple areas
  • Completion of degree program is desirable

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